I Look I See – Yusuf Islam, Friends & Children CD


I Look I See’ contains nine lively and inspirational songs for children. With short teaching inserts between songs it is a new and melodic approach to helping children learn the beauty of Creation, good morals and love for God and His final messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Yusuf Islam sings the title song and is accompanied by his young friends from South Africa and Britain , including Zain Bhikha’s 9 year old son Rasheed who features on many of the tracks.



Track Listing

1- I Look I See
2- Al-Khaliq
3- Allahu Allah
4- Bismillah (I am a Muslim)
5- Months in Islam (Extended)
6- Sing Children Of The World
7- Our Guide Is The Qur’an
8- Your Mother
9- Tala’a Al-Badru ‘Alayna